Find peace of mind with Van Metre's trusted moving partner

Choose our trusted moving partner, JK Moving, and receive a special offer. Complimentary estimates, free packing materials and a discount on packing supplies help make choosing their highly-trained, background checked team a quick, easy and stress-free solution. Click below or call (703) 686-8149 to learn more and schedule an estimate.

Professional Residential Movers

Put your household in trained, professional hands and let JK Moving do the heavy lifting.

Experienced, Vetted, Trained

No matter where or what you're moving, relocating can be a huge stressor.  Trust their expert team to do the job you need them to do.

Relocation Done Right

Their trained and certified relocation professionals ensure your move is complete on-time, on-budget and stress-free. 

Care And Respect

JK Moving tailors their services to meet the needs of each and every client.  They focus on what matters most...their customers, employees and community.

Secure, Climate Controlled Storage

From artwork to automobiles, antiques to electronics, trust JK Moving to safeguard and store your most valued possessions.

Making A Difference

An entrepreneurial success story that started almost 40 years ago, JK Moving has become a global leader in the relocation and logistics space.



9900 Main Street

Suite 500
Fairfax, VA 22031